Although “Big data” is one of the most used Buzz words of the days in the IT industry, it makes sense to understand the reason why it is one of the hottest technologies of the day and why managing big data continues to be one of the biggest challenges faced by most folks in the IT industry.  Data itself has been the pivotal point of technology for many years as it is information in its most raw form and there have been many different approaches to storing and retrieving data most efficiently and in a fast manner. These challenges are being summarized into what is called the three V’s of Big Data.


The recent explosive growth of data has been due to the phenomenal growth of Internet, sensor data and social media. This means traditional database management systems are shorthanded in being able to accommodate the heavy influx of data. What it requires then is innovative ways to solve this problem.


Not only are we dealing with immense amounts of data but also the challenge is the speed at which new data is getting generated. With that come all the challenges of being able to assimilate process and archive the data.


Also type of data adds ones more level of complexity – no longer do we have to deal with just text data but in many different formats to include images, audio and video files and the size of these non-text data formats has been steadily growing as a percentage of the total data being generated.

Here is an interesting white paper by Oracle on Big Data.

Having these different challenges means we have to come up with creative solutions which require a lot of out of the box thinking. In order to leverage the power of big data, Oracle has many offerings which can help you maximize value from big data. For e.g. Oracle Big Data Lite Virtual Machine provides an integrated environment to help you get started with the Oracle Big Data platform. Many Oracle Big Data platform components have been installed and configured – allowing you to begin using the system right away. VLSS has a strong Big data practice, built around time tested and proven Oracle solutions. Reach out to us to help us solve you data challenges.