Today, users expect IT to deliver continuously improved, new services with flat or only minimal budget increases. These customers are demanding faster response, performance and access to reliable data in a Big Data world, and assurances that IT will meet service level agreements (SLAs) for recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO). In the past, this has required IT to use expensive platforms such as UNIX to support mission critical applications. 

  • Decrease datacenter costs, footprint, hardware & resources
  • Expedite YOUR transition to a virtual or cloud environment
  • Supports disaster recovery and maintains business continuity
  • A fraction of the costs of similar technologies
  • Near-Zero downtime

Improvements in performance in other architectures, specifically x86 architectures, IT organizations can now deliver on required services and reduce the IT infrastructure costs and resources. Connecteré is a replication technology that simplifies the cross-platform migration of Oracle databases from UNIX to x86 architectures,  including Windows/Linux physical servers, any hypervisor, and the cloud. With Connecteré, you can migrate your Oracle database from your current UNIX platform in minutes. Transfer your mission-critical applications and data to a less expensive IT environment and eliminate expensive hardware, reduce data center footprint, and decrease licensing costs. In addition, you can leverage virtualization to reduce disaster recovery costs and improve business continuity. Maintain a copy of your mission-critical database in a stand-by mode on a single virtualized CPU and dynamically add CPUs only when needed.

System Requirements: Oracle Editions (Enterprise, Standard, Standard One) and versions and up.

$11,895 per target database.

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