VLSS was founded in 2005 as a group of consultants specializing in Oracle and VMware technologies.  We have built a network that fosters a deep knowledge of the Oracle stack as well as running Oracle workloads on VMware. Our engineers have expertise across the board: From engineered systems and hyper-converged infrastructure, all the way up to middleware and applications; including helping our customers migrate to the cloud and automate their environment. We only employ accredited professionals; either Oracle Certified Professionals or VMware Certified Professionals. Many of our employees are industry-leading professionals; Oracle Certified Masters (OCM), VMware Certified Design Experts, Oracle ACEs, VMware vExperts. We are proudly 1 of 13 companies in the US certified as experts in Oracle on VMware. 

VLSS' Wheelhouse

Our clients range from Fortune 100 companies to Government Agencies, as well as your small to mid-sized business. We provide On-Premise Consulting or Cloud Management as well as the option of having US based consultants to manage your environment. 

We work within your budget, reduce your risk, and eliminate the surprise factor.  We are upfront with all of our pricing and post our list of fees on our site, in plain view. It's our no-nonsense pricing models that sets us apart from industry standards. We'd rather spend more time focusing on your project and creating your solution.

At VLSS, we are fully committed to our customers.  We are very proud of our 95% customer satisfaction and 90% customer retention.  We believe this is a direct result of our core values and business practices. We strive to deliver solutions on-time and under budget to all of our customers. 


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