Wow what a week! I'm happy to be back stateside where they have regular drip coffee so I can actually survive being jet-lagged. Besides the lack of caffeine options at the conference, I had a great trip to Barcelona with some very exciting news coming out of VMworld Europe! I even had a little time to catch a Champions League match!

Barcelona vs. Man. City

Barcelona vs. Man. City

So let's talk about the VMware's mic drop moment with the announcement of VMware Cloud on AWS.  The Keynote on Tuesday was all about this, how it will connect up a customer's internal datacenter with the main public cloud providers (Amazon, Microsoft, Google, VMware's own cloud) and allow for automated transferring workloads seamlessly between those entities.  Interesting stuff.

As for Oracle, it's interesting to note that it's cloud wasn't part of this.  But the licensing implications are still very unclear.  A lot to come on that in the next few weeks / months.

Check out the full details of the announcement here.