IT organizations running Oracle RAC are faced with a wide range of choices to evaluate when considering a move to new infrastructure. Flash Storage is growing rapidly but what benefits does it bring to Oracle? What are the key best practices to follow to ensure a balanced configuration which can drive optimal performance? You may be thinking that your staff simply does not have the time to make this determination. This webinar is for you! 

Cisco and Pure Storage have developed FlashStack which is an Integrated Infrastructure where all of the guess work is removed. Cisco UCS with Pure’s Flash storage have been combined and tested with Oracle RAC 12c with the results documented to help your team select, implement, and enjoy the benefits this joint solution has to offer. 

We encourage you to take 60 minutes to: 
1. Understand the key Use cases and core elements of a FlashStack solution for Oracle RAC
2. Learn the key value prop of Cisco UCS and the IT problems it addresses
3. Learn the core benefits of Pure Storage Flash solutions and review the key results of our joint Cisco Validated Design for Oracle RAC. 

Featured speakers: Mayur Dewaikar, Seasoned Product Management Leader, and John McAbel, Senior Product Manager, Cisco Systems, Inc.