VLSS developed LicenseFortress™ to help our customers address these critical needs by reducing the risk, cost and complexity of your IT portfolio. VLSS has become the industry’s leading expert when it comes to licensing Oracle technology, creating the optimal infrastructure (either physical or virtual) on which to run critical application workloads, and defending that environment in audit situations.  


There are many licensing consultants that can assist with an Oracle audit. These firms review your IT architecture and project plan. This can minimize your initial license purchase, ensuring you buy only what you need, when you need it.

However, be aware that most licensing consultants do not have the technical staff to analyze the results of an Oracle audit and aid in the negotiations. In addition, they do not have the technical capabilities to rearchitect a solution or implement restrictions to prevent license compliance issues.

VLSS, in contrast, is the industry’s leading expert on licensing Oracle technology. VLSS has both Oracle Certified Masters (OCM) and VMware Certified Design Experts (VCDX) on staff.  Only a few hundred people in the world hold each of these certifications. Everyone at VLSS holds at least one certified professional certification, and continuing certification is tied to promotion and job retention.

In addition, only VLSS offers LicenseFortress, the first and only Oracle software license audit protection service with a guarantee. Even if you have already received an audit notice, LicenseFortress can still be put in place to protect yourself from audit liabilities.  

Oracle expertise plus LicenseFortress is what makes VLSS truly unique and especially valuable.


What sets us apart from our competition is that we GUARANTEE our work, with insurance backing from Berkshire Hathaway and legal representation from top 10 legal firm, Husch Blackwell.

What do we mean by a "GUARANTEE"? If we are wrong, we'll pay

Don't be caught unprepared!


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  • Proprietary Audit Management Tool with Customer Portal
  • Quarterly Compliance Reports

  • Access to VLSS Licensing Experts

  • On-Boarding Assistance for New DBAs/hires/etc.

  • Review Physical, Virtual and Cloud Environments including VMware, OVM adn Hyper-V Virtualization, Oracle-on-Oracle, soft/hard/trusted partitioning (LPARs, LDOMS, etc.)
  • Legal Representation by Husch Blackwell

  • Insurance backing by Berkshire Hathaway



We review your current Oracle contract to determine your purchased licenses.  This helps us understand your current environment and gives us the big picture of your organization's licensing configuration. LicenseFortress™ monitoring tools and scripts will be configured in your environment. These tools will be used monthly to identify workloads that may have been migrated on to unlicensed hosts. We then take the licensing information and input that data into the customer portal.   Compliance issues (if any) are pinpointed, and we will formulate a remediation plan.


VLSS licensing experts will apply the LicenseFortress™ Solution, grooming the data with a fine tooth comb to identify any licensing issues before they become a problem. Through the customer portal you will be able to review our data and analysis, which provides you with a compliance report. On a quarterly basis, we will perform a full internal audit of your Oracle systems. We will identify any audit risks that need to be addressed before Oracle issues any formal notices.


When Oracle issues a formal audit notice, or a less-formal notice of license review, LicenseFortress™ at no additional charge to you will immediately engage in your defense. We will respond to all Oracle audit correspondence on your behalf, including which data should, and should not be, provided to Oracle. And should it be necessary we will provide legal representation at no additional charge from Husch Blackwell backing our work and protecting your license investment.